About PLAC project


PLAC task

Policy and Legal Advice Centre (PLAC) project task is to support Serbia’s preparation for EU accession by improving policy and legislation processes. PLAC aims at improving the current system of legal harmonisation and approximation with EU legislation, supporting the development of national legislation aligned with the EU acquis, and ensuring proper implementation of the legislation, including the necessary by-laws and enforcement mechanisms.

In order to achieve defined objectives, PLAC project will:

  • Prepare recommendations for improving the methodology for the development of national legislation aligned with the EU acquis in specific sectors, including mechanisms for consultation with external stakeholders;
  • Prepare relevant draft laws to improve compatibility of national with EU legislation;
  • Assist the relevant institutions in drafting laws and by-laws, developing the necessary implementation and follow-up measures, and in monitoring the implementation of new legislation;
  • Clarify the role of the different stakeholders in the acquis harmonisation planning process, and develop recommendations to improve the organisation of relevant institutions in view of accession negotiations.

PLAC priority areas

PLAC is designed to respond to the identified needs of the stakeholders. In order to ensure cross reference with EU negotiation process and institutional structure, priority target areas are correlated with relevant negotiations chapters, as follows:

  • 11. Agriculture and rural development
  • 23. Judiciary and fundamental rights
  • 27. Environment protection and climate change
  • 32. Financial control
  • 3. Rights of establishment and freedom to provide services
  • 5. Public procurement
  • 7. Intellectual property law (in agriculture)
  • 8. Competition policy (in particular State aid)
  • 12. Food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy
  • 15. Energy
  • 28. Public health

PLAC cooperation

SEIO is the project’s main partner and beneficiary, as the coordinator of legal approximation with the acquis of the European Union. PLAC beneficiaries also include line ministries and institutions which coordinate legal approximation in specific PLAC priority areas.

PLAC implementation

The PLAC project commenced in July 2013 and has the duration of 36 months, with the overall value of 3.42 million EUR.

PLAC is an EU-funded project managed by the European Commission and implemented by a consortium led by DMI Associates, in cooperation with Altair Asesores, Hulla&Co. Human Dynamics, INCOM and HD European Consulting Group.